Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today's the Day - Grepolis 2.0 has been released !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out, Grepo 2.0 has been released in Beta.

 Here are some things to look for in the new world:

"World Wonders!

In Grepolis 2.0, alliances can construct all seven world wonders: The Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Temple of Artemis, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. "

"Hades crawled up from the underworld to aid our players during their conquests. Not only is the lord of the underworld incredibly stylish, but he also adds some interesting aspects to the game. Cerberos and the Erinyes will act as reinforcements on the battlefield, and his dark powers will aid in conquering your enemies.

Mythical units:

• Cerberus: The three-headed hound of hell is almost impervious to strikes, however well placed arrows can slay him.

• Erinyes: You don’t want the relentless goddesses of vengeance as enemies. They are incredibly fast and almost impossible to hit.

Of course Hades will have his own set of powers to aid the players in their conquests. One power is a surprise, and will be revealed with the 2.0 patch.

Hades’ divine powers:

• Treasures of the Underworld: You receive 500 silver coins.

• Helmet of Invisibility: Your troops are invisible for the first 10 % of their journey.

• Return of the Dead: 10 % of your killed units return to their home city.

• Plague: (Surprise Power)"

"Before we can tell you where you are going, it is important to explain where you have been. You started your city and slowly constructed your buildings. A messenger was sent to another city to ask him for an alliance. Soon you built troops and started raiding the nearby villages. You researched advanced technologies to get the edge on your opponent. Time passed, and you and your alliance have fought your way to the top. Threatening enemies are slowly surrounding you. But where do you go from here? The dawn of the hero worlds has come! Hero worlds will give the players a chance to play in a new world with custom settings, once they have battled for dominance in the current worlds.

The above info. was obtained from the Grepolis Forum

Play Grepolis, it's the best MMOG game around.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grepolis 2.0 Hero World

These are short excerpts from the Grepolis Forum about a new version/upgrade 2.0 coming to the game next year :

"Hello Players an Forum Goers,

Grepolis 2.0 is coming closer every day, and we have yet another game feature to quench your thirst for the coming update. Last time we presented Hades the ruler of the underworld. Now we will inform you about Hero worlds, and hopefully answer most of the important World Wonder question."

"The key to unlock the passage to the Hero Worlds lies within building the World Wonders. With each World Wonder you build, your alliance will receive special bonuses. Every World Wonder can only be built once. There are special prerequisites every alliance must fulfill before a world wonder can even begin construction (do not expect to see a WW in the first month of 2.0). The goal of every alliance is to build 4 of the 7 World Wonders! Once your alliance builds 4 world wonders the game ends, if it is a world that started after 2.0, and everyone on that world ascends to the Hero World. Worlds that already existed before the update, for example Alpha, will not end for now. Instead they will continue, allowing players to play in the Hero World as well. We can not guarantee that those worlds will be open forever. Your whole alliance can move to the new world without inviting each other again. Proven warriors from other worlds may also join a Hero World if they have enough game points. But what exactly are the differences between the current worlds (warrior worlds), and the new Hero Worlds?

We want Hero Worlds to start with a bang! Therefore all players will start with multiple cities instead of just one. Also the player will have more resources and troops. Other game play differences are listed below:
• The villages produce more resources
• The recruitment time of units has been reduced
• Your Warehouse will be able to hold more resources
• Your farm will be able to support more troops
• You will keep some of your research
• new units will be available
• New divine powers will be available

The Hero World settings will provide the stage for a fast and aggressive game play! " ....

The above information was obtained from the Grepolis Forum.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Grepolis Attack Break!"

FYI from the Grepolis Forum

"Default Grepolis Attack Break!

Dear Players and Forum Goers,

We would like to implement 2 attack breaks during the holiday season. This will be a time when players will have the opportunity to attack wrapped presents instead of the surrounding villages. During the attack breaks all 'attacks' will turn into 'visits' and the troops will return home without fighting the enemy. The date and times of the attack breaks are as followed:

1.- 24.12.2010 at 18:00 until 26.12.2010 at 23:00

2.- 31.12.2010 at 12:00 until 1.1.2011 at 18:00

Please note that all times are Server Time, which is GMT + 1

We wish all our players happy, relaxing and memorable holidays.

Happy holidays,
The Grepolis Team"

Grepolis Gift - 100% Gold Bonus

Christmas-Bonus: 100% more gold during the holidays
14 days left*

This is a brief one, but a good one.  The Grepolis will match your order 100% to double the amount of Grepolis gold you get for the price you pay.

Grepolis Christmas Gift for this Advent Season

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Seasons Greetings

Even though this has been out a couple weeks, it seems not everybody is taking advantage of these gifts.  Check it out guys, this is a good way to Advance your POLIS:


Advent Calender Gift hint feature

  (created on 12/1/10 at 12:07 PM )
So, the advent calender is off to a good, but bumpy start. The Opera display error has now been solved. Some players have realized how big the ocean actually is, and that finding a present, or the right present, might be a little bit difficult. Therefore we are inserting a small tool on the interface that will give you a coordinate hint in the right direction. Scroll over the present icon on the map page, it is located on the bottom right! Happy Holidays!"

Monday, December 13, 2010

First Post - Introduction

This Blog will discuss and cover various Strategies, Tactics, Hints, & Tips.  I've been playing Grepolis for quite some time now.  I've heard and seen good strategy(Strategy, Tactics, Tips, etc.) examples, as well as bad ones.  I've implemented (aka 1st Hand Accounts) some Strategies that didn't work out, as well as some that have worked out.  I helped start a small alliance that grew to less than 100 players, and then joined a Large (MRA Mass Recruiting Alliance) with over 300 members.  I have numerous Friends & Family members that play this game. I started one city (polis) that was that grew to almost 10k points, then it was taken over.  I'm now building several cities, and am implementing various strategies that are working.

Hopefully, you'll find this Blog helpful & interesting.  Maybe even Entertaining at times.